Why Do Most Women Struggle in Their Relationships with Men?

Why Do Most Women Struggle in Their Relationships with Men?

Why Do Most Women Struggle in Their Relationships with Men?

The reasons why women Struggle in Their Relationships with Men and have relationship challenges are many and varied, but one of the main ones is that women simply don’t understand men.  If this was the case, then she’d know how to easily attract men to her like bees to honey.

The main issue women face in their desire to understand men is that they do all the wrong things. For example they will seek advice from their girlfriends, who are just as in-the-dark about how to figure men out as they are. And they read agony aunt advice from women’s magazines. 

But everything you ever learnt from magazines and the like is all wrong!

Women’s magazines are insidious. They teach women how to look, be and behave when they are around men, this propagates a poor self-image and shows women that they need to be something they are not (ie better than they are). It is a fact that most of the relationship advice that women’s magazines provide is written by women for women, and as such it doesn’t enable women to understand men at all.

Well here’s the biggest tip you could have.


What if you could make a man adore you just by being yourself?

Well it’s true. Now, just try it.

You don’t have to be anything but who you are.

But there’s one other factor. You also have to understand what a man wants.

You might ask: Will Giving a Man What He Wants Get You What You Want?

The resounding answer is “Yes!”

Here’s the big secret about men.  Men want to be enraptured by a woman.  They won’t necessarily admit it but they want to be lured in, bewitched, possessed and seduced by a woman — and they don’t mind being rendered powerless by her.  A man would gladly surrender anything to the woman who can make him feel good.

The tricky part is that most women simply don’t know how to make a man feel good.  Whether you believe it or not, the majority of women entertain the misguided idea that knowing a few sexual tricks from Cosmopolitan or cooking him delicious meals ought to do render their man forever devoted.

But that’s outdated. No longer is the “best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” (or through his crotch as the case may be) If that were true, then prostitutes and professional chefs would have the best marriages, wouldn’t they?

There’s a lot more to making a man feel good than meets the eye.

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