Weekly Horoscope ? know Your May Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope ? know Your May Horoscope

Aries Weekly  horoscope  –  Your will power and confidence have increased with the Sun now getting exalted in your rising sign. Make changes that don’t involve spending, but will show Jeffrey Archer your long-term intentions. If you keep on the move, you can avoid discord and disputes.Health matters need attention with quite a few planets hovering over your twelfth house, visits to doctors/hospitals for your own/ others health is quite likely now. Expenses are set to rise suddenly, you shall be spend considerably on luxuries and maybe even take off for an expensive vacation. Don’t share your thoughts or you will meet with opposition from others. It’s important to avoid any sort of emotional face-off.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope- With major planets moving through your “eleventh house, overall gains are indicated. And so are lots of social activities, entertainment and public involvement. Don’t turn down any invitation that could lead to meeting new people or potential partners. It’s time to expand your awareness and your friends and acquaintances circle. A good financial decision can be made regarding your professional direction. The 22nd/23rd are days where you need to exercise caution, where you may do well to hide your thoughts, lest you portray your insecurities, Be careful in property related transactions. Love affairs might seem confusing now as lovers may be uncertain of commitments.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope- Talk about your feelings. You will come to an understanding that will surprise you and the person it is about. Changes at home may be difficult at first but, once you get started, you will see how favourably  everything unfolds. Gains through siblings are also possible. Do not take any financial risks or Friday/Saturday; also be wary of signing important contracts on these dates, prepone or postpone them. Your love life will improve. For those single, affairs at theworkplace with colleagues are quite likely. Face facts and take ownership of anything you may have done that might have hurt someone’s feelings. Making up can have its rewards, if you are sincere.

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