Unique Traits Of German People

Unique Traits Of German People

There are many wonderful and amazing things about Europe. Although Europe is one continent, there are many differences among its people. Obviously, language is a big difference among them, however, there are certain traits that belong to a certain group of people and another set of traits that are also unique to one group of people belonging in a certain country. In this case, we will tackle more on the traits of German people. These are just observations made about German people, and they do not exactly serve to stereotype Germans in a negative way. Here are some things observed about German people.

When it comes to eating, German people usually hold their forks in their left hand and place it upside down. On their right hand you can find a German holding a spoon or a knife.

Speaking of eating, German people would make remarks on how Americans were always in the habit of chewing gum. It wasn’t really noted if they were more of amused or annoyed by this habit of chewing gum, but they always used the expression “Kaugummifresser” that means “Do not chew!”.

Traditionally, it is at the left hand where the wedding ring is usually placed. However, you will also be interested to know that on the right hand of Germans, it is where they would wear their wedding rings, whereas an engagement ring is usually worn on the left hand.

With a German’s hand as well, whenever he uses a cigarette, he would hold it in between his thumb and index finger. Whereas with other people, they would usually hold it in between their index finger and middle finger.

Again with the hands, German people will really make the effort to shake hands with everyone whenever greeting people and saying goodbye. It seems as though that they would not leave the room unless they have shaken hands with everyone.

German people also stand more upright compared to other people in Europe. Seldom do you see them slouching as compared to what most people would do. Perhaps you can see that in most Germans especially in the earlier times. It seems that with this kind of posture, it gives the impression that they are stiff or uptight.

These are just some of the interesting things about Germans. Although these are just general observations, it’s quite interesting to see how most of them act this way.

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