Traits That Women Find Boring in a Guy

Traits That Women Find Boring in a Guy

Boring guys will not only get a smaller amount of girls then there interesting competitors but they will also have less fun than them as well! It’s just a matter of human nature. We are instantly attracted to exciting and fun people, while boring people tend to sit on the back burner of people we want to be around.

Boring isn’t just one single trait though. There are a whole bunch of separate traits that make up a boring guy to a woman, and she can spot them from a mile away!

No Sense of Humor

If your sense of humor is dry, sarcastic, or non-existent, then you will turn a woman off faster than if you were diseased. Women like to laugh! And they like a guy who can make them laugh. No woman wants to sit around and listen to a guy who can’t laugh at himself or life. That’s not only boring but it’s quite sad as well.

No Lust for Life

If you would rather sit on the couch and watch TV or play video games then go out and have some fun, you will be viewed as a boring guy by a woman. Women want to get out and enjoy life with their man, not sit around and watch them kill the latest zombie. Life is meant to be lived with passion and excitement. You wouldn’t want to look back on your life and have it filled with couch sitting would you? Women don’t want a partner who will drag them into that life.

No Knowledge of How To Please a Woman in Bed

If you don’t understand women and how they think and what they want in bed, then you will be labeled as boring and uninteresting to women. They want a guy who can make them happy and pleasure them, and that includes knowing what actually makes them happy in bed. If you can’t rock her world in bed then you are not going to be in her list of exciting guys.

Being Selfish

A guy who thinks only of himself has no appeal to a woman who is looking for a guy to be with. He doesn’t add anything exciting to her life that she doesn’t already have. Women like to be taken care of, respected, and valued, and a selfish guy just can’t offer those things to her. This includes guys who live to please themselves by only thinking immediately about their needs and wants, and not taking into consideration a woman’s needs or wants.


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