Traits of The Successful Entrepreneur

Traits of The Successful Entrepreneur

Business has changed a great deal over the years. We now have computers, the internet and because of the internet – web pages, email and everything else that comes with it. Our telephone system has changed dramatically with the advent of cell phones and voice mail. However, even with all the technological advancements the traits that make a person successful in business can be traced way back when to our grandfather’s day. So before you decide you want to go into business for yourself, check and see if these traits are part of your make up.

Are you a person who sets goals? Most successful people have always set goals. They started at a very early age. They might have set the goal to be the best in a certain sport, or in a specific subject in school. Or if they wanted something, and knew that their parents couldn’t afford it, or wouldn’t spend the money for something, they earned the money themselves. They did this by setting up the lemonade stand, mowing lawns for neighbors, or delivering newspapers.

This is the same person, who as they got older, developed other goals and worked for them. Maybe they haven’t reached all of their goals, but they have always known what they wanted out of life. They have a vision for their future and they never lose sight of it. They keep revising and setting new goals for themselves. It is incomprehensible to them that everyone doesn’t do the same. They wonder how other people can live without striving for certain things.

The next trait is that the successful entrepreneur knows their strengths and weaknesses. They also face up to their fears. This means that they don’t let their egos get in the way. They know when they need to learn new skills or take other steps to make their business or themselves better. Due to the technological advances over the years, the skills and steps they need to take might be different; but the attitude has not. So do you have the attitude of a successful business person. To have this attitude you must realize that you are never done with the learning process, and you have to welcome any chance to improve your skills and knowledge.

Another trait is that they are always looking for opportunities. They could be in business or just getting started. In either case they know there are opportunities out there waiting for them. They also know that they need to find the opportunity that will work for them. Even those already running a business, are still open to possibilities.



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