Traits of a Good Office Chair

Traits of a Good Office Chair

Did you know that improper seating affects your profession? A latest study reveals that professionals are uncomfortable 70% of the time due to back pain caused as a result of poor seating postures and low quality office chairs. Spine-related problems will not just affect you physically but can also affect you mentally by causing stress, depression and anxiety. All these problems may in turn disturb your family life. Therefore, it’s important to pay more attention while choosing office or computer chairs.

If you are looking for a high quality office chair, remember the fact that you are going to spend nearly four to eight hours each day in it. So, pay more attention towards its features to pick the right chairs according to your profession. Usually, it’s better to choose ergonomic chairs if you are already suffering from back strain to avoid further complication. If you are beginning to experience leg, neck or back strain then make use of computer chairs to prevent spine-related and circulation problems.

Due to the availability of a wide range of models, unique features, price, outlook, adjustable features and much more, it’s difficult to choose the best chair all the time. There are some important factors that determine the quality of the office chairs.

Some important traits of a good office chair are listed below:

Height adjustment:

A good office chair will allow you to adjust the height according to your needs. Height adjustment is important to maintain a proper spine posture which will prevent spine-related problems. Most of the modern office chairs will have a pneumatic lever for height adjustment so check to make sure that each office chair has a height adjustment feature before grabbing one.

Supportive backrest adjustment:

This is one of the important parts that needs to be properly adjusted for long hour working schedules. Adjusting the backrest according to your physical structure is important to work for a long time without getting any back strain.


An improper armrest design will not offer you any room to work freely and might cause disturbance due to its projected or other broad designs. A good office chair will have adjustable armrests in the correct position.


A high quality office chair will have a heavy duty base which can be placed firmly on the floor to offer stability even while rolling or moving around.


A high quality cushion must be available in the backrest area to offer comfort while working.

Comfortable seat pan:

A good office chair will have comfortable seat pan, but you need to make sure the seat pan is comfortable for your particular physical structure.

These are some important traits of a good office chair.

Big and tall chairs are used widely used due to their modernized adjustable features and affordable price. The author has immense knowledge about office chairs and has written many articles regarding drafting chairs and drafting stools in the past.

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