Tiger Chinese Horoscopes 2012 Full Prediction

Tiger Chinese Horoscopes 2012 Full Prediction

Occupying the 3rd position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger symbolizes such character traits as bravery, competitiveness and unpredictability. Tigers love to be challenged and will accept any challenge if it means protecting a loved one or protecting their honor.

Wealth Horoscopes 2012 Prediction for Tiger
Hard earned savings come into good use during the time of need. One should feel happy and proud in making such contribution to the occasion. The satisfaction and reward derived from such act is invaluable to those concerned. At least there is something in life that started well at the beginning and ends well at the finish. One should consider such achievement as another milestone in this life.

Career Horoscopes 2012 Prediction for Tiger
Though your responsibilities at your workplace have risen, there is not any real salary increment or even promotion. Nevertheless, you ought to grab the opportunity and prove your ability if there is any overseas assignments. For getting along with your co-workers, keep up a low profile and get away from troubles. Continuous challenges may stand in the way of business people but don’t give up no matter what. The secret to success in the current year is decisiveness. This year, you could take into consideration going overseas to search for new opportunities.

Relationships Horoscopes 2012 Prediction for Tiger
You’ll probably have to deal with a few mood swings in your relationships this year. Under the Rabbit’s influence, it’s a good time to smooth over communication problems and be diplomatic. A friend or lover might come to your rescue when you need it most — make sure you express your gratitude.

Try to transcend your differences with others by becoming more sensitive. Keep an open mind if people don’t agree with you. Even if you can’t control things at work, make the effort to improve things at home with your loved ones.

Health Horoscopes 2012 Prediction for Tiger
The physical body will suffer pain and agony due to stress, fatigue or exhaustion together with lack of rest during this month unless one heeds certain early warning signs. Ignoring such signs could eventually lead to more complicated symptoms at a later stage. Avoid participating in strenuous activities or high-risk sporting events. Avoid acidic food and drinks to curb any gastric problems.

Luck Horoscopes 2012 Prediction for Tiger
Some of you might accidentally encounter some supernatural events that are beyond one’s imagination. Whether such meeting is a good omen or not is to be established in the near future. But certainly it brings a new chapter into one’s life. As long as one has an open mind and does not keep thinking of negative consequences, then the situation should be under control. If still in doubt, then one can choose to totally ignore it.

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