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Taurus Negative Traits – Never let them scare you away!

Taurus negative traits are not necessarily totally negative.

These traits are called negative because most Taureans use them like a vice.

These so-called negative traits can still be channeled to good and positive use.

If you were born between April 21st and May 21st, you are a Taurus man or a Taurus woman.

If your parents, siblings, or children‘s birthday falls between these dates, they are also Taureans.

As a Taurus man or woman, you have some set of traits common to other Taureans.

Some of these traits are usually called positive traits, while some are called negative traits.

The positive traits are those traits or actions acted out by Taureans and did affect others positively.

The negative traits affect other people negatively.

Taurus negative traits female – Know the bad side of your partner!

Taurus Negative Traits

Yes, Taurus men and women naturally loving and always want a lasting relationship.

They are extremely sensual as well, but then they exhibit some negative traits that tend to scare people away from them.

These negative traits make it difficult for others to cope with living with a Taurus woman, especially.

It is said that these Negative characteristics of theirs can also be channeled and used positively.

Usually, Taurus a Taurus woman will be:

  • Self-indulgent!
  • Stubborn!
  • Materialistic!

#1 – Self-indulgent!

A Taurus woman is naturally self-indulgent. It is in her nature to care less about how others feel.

She cares more about herself and how she feels.

And that is why she can drop a bombshell in as much as it doesn’t affect her feelings in any way.

#2 – Stubborn!

The stubbornness of a Taurus woman is on the extreme.

Most people can barely cope with their stubbornness.

They are stubborn because naturally, they are smart and always think they are right.

So they tend to argue their way out.

#3 – Materialistic!

A Taurus woman is a materialistic woman.

She loves to acquire and buy every time.

A Taurus woman appreciated original and quality things, so she doesn’t spare money to get what she wants.

Taurus man early dating – what to do to make it last!

Taurus man early dating

If you have a first date with a Taurus man, you need to prepare yourself to make it work.

If all things go fine the first day, you may end up in a long-lasting relationship.

But if otherwise, that may be the end of it all.

Making it work with a Taurus man starts early, and it begins with the first date.

Here are a few tips to help a woman with a Taurus man early dating.

  • Let him know you are trustworthy!
  • Choose a romantic venue!
  • Keep his schedules within your plan!
  • Do not rush him through anything!!

#1 – Let him know you are trustworthy!

Taurus men thrive on loyalty in any relationship.
If you are on a first date, let him have the true feeling that you are trustworthy.
If your relationship is a few days or weeks old, you need to make him know you can be trusted.
Taurus men love trustworthy women, and they will give all to have them.

#2 – Choose a romantic venue!

Because he called the date docent mean a Taurus man will woo you.
They rarely start with courtship.
So you, as a lady, should spike the venue up and build it in a romantic environment already.
You will be the one telling him how you feel because he will be shy to talk.

#3 – Keep his schedules within your plan!

Whatever you do, try and remember he is a man of routine.
When you have a date with him, make sure it doesn’t disrupt his personal plans.
Remember to have him and his schedules in mind always when making plans for both of you.

#4 – Do not rush him through anything!!

When he is ready, he will share his secrets and desires with you, so there is no need to rush.
If you want the love to grow between you, you8 need to give him space and time when he needs them.
There is no need to rush.

Taurus man is slow to admit their feelings – Be Patients!

Taurus man is slow to admit their feelings

A Taurus man will naturally take his time before committing himself to a woman in a relationship.

At this time, we say he is talking time before admitting his feelings for the woman.

There are several reasons why Taurus men take their time or rather seem slow, to admitting they are in love with a woman, and these reasons may include:

  • Testing the woman!
  • Wanting to be sure she is the one!
  • Building a lasting relationship!

#1 – Testing the woman!

If you want to buy a car, you are expected to take it for a test drive.
Taurus men do the same by taking time to study the woman they are in love with.
They may be slow to admit their feelings, but they want to be sure they can trust a woman.
A Taurus man in the wrong relationship will be hell.

#2 – Wanting to be sure she is the one!

Everyone wants Mr. and Mrs. right, so does the Taureans.
A Taurus man will take his time to be sure the woman in question is the right woman for him.
He will show her signs that he loves her, but he will not admit the love in words.
When a Taurus man is sure that a woman is trustworthy enough to be with, he will admit his love for her.

#3 – Building a lasting relationship!

Building a lasting relationship sometimes means to know each other very well.
A Taurus man will spend a lot of time getting to know his woman before admitting his love for her.
During this time, a Taurus man has to choose, from facts, if the relationship is a go or no go.

Taurus weakness in love – Related Video!

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The video explains a lot about Taurus in love and his/her weakness when he/she is in love.

Taurus man possessive signs – Conclusion!

As the second astrological sign in the zodiac, Taureans are next to none when being possessive.

Taurus man possessive signs

This is a major negative trait of a Taurus man or woman.

Since they love their partner with sincerity, they also demand absolute sincerity.

They go as far as intruding into private conversations of their partner to clear doubts.

Most people see this as being possessive f the other partner.

Taureans will always want their partner to be with them and them alone.

They will give you all of their time, and they expect the same to be reciprocated.

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