Self Discovery And Circumstances Drive A Normal Person Towards Traits Of A Superman

Self Discovery And Circumstances Drive A Normal Person Towards Traits Of A Superman

In comic books and in cartoons, people were able to see and read about heroes and men and women who could do the unachievable. Impossible for them was nothing, and in these books and stories, they did achieve it, although, in the benefit of mankind. These superheroes are the faces of the good deeds that should be done by people. People, who read these stories and look at the pictures of them, have felt time and again that they are the perfect people on the earth.

Popularity of these heroes is a global phenomenon and gradually, over the years they have become the part and parcel of life. In form of cartoon series, in the newspapers as daily column, and even in the form of movie series, these heroes have received ovation in form of their omnipresence. For the kids especially, these heroes are ingredients to grow upon.

They love the superman to such an extent that, their dress, their copy covers, their play toys, and many more things that are included in their daily life, have features resembling these heroes. They have become so much a part of life that it is sometimes difficult to live without them. For an instance, it also seems that they are real, forgetting that such superheroes have been created by the imagination of people, who were thinking of providing entertainment in form of something unusual.

Little it was known, at that time, that such a creation would one day become a phenomenon. When looking at these creations, one cannot but think about the existence of such superhuman in real life. Is it possible that such existence is a truth? If these superheroes were to be found in the present world, would they be of the same appearance, with a garb that is so typical of them? Many such questions can be the centre of discussion, for the people, when they think of the superheroes.

A superman, as is portrayed in the pictures, novels and cartoons as someone who utilizes the incumbent power for the service of the distressed. This is perhaps not far from the few acts of bravery that we encounter in our daily life. It might be a small act, but the courage and the enthusiasm to help people is nothing less in comparison to what these virtual super humans do. The only difference is that the common man is not draped in stylish clothes or trademark attire of a superman.

To commemorate the courage of such people, bravery awards are given, and they are saluted with gifts and mementoes. Like the superhuman, these people never thought that they would do the act for the bravery award. It is in the spur of the moment that their inner self made them lunge headlong into the act, as a result of which a life was saved. A deep thought would satisfy the reasons and the ideology behind such an act. In society, amidst the common men, there exists many a superhuman. It is our lack of insight that we keep idolizing, something that is virtual, without giving out time to glorify the people in blood and muscles.

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