Saving Your Scorpio Woman Relationship

Saving Your Scorpio Woman Relationship

You are back in your Scorpio woman relationship. Well done, you’ve successfully persuaded her to have another try. Usually when a Scorpio ends something it is for ever! If you want your Scorpio woman relationship to last, you will have to understand the sign and its ramifications.

So you are back in the relationship. It would be a good idea to analyze what was the problem you had. Did you cheat on her or did she think you were? You have to realize that in a Scorpio woman relationship there is often a lot of natural jealousy. Whilst you maybe flattered that someone has an intense passion for you, when it is excessive it can cause a loss of trust between you.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, the Scorpio is perhaps the most obsessive. When she is obsessed by the thought that you are cheating on her, she is going to be very suspicious; it is going to take some time for her to change her mind.

Where it is she who has done the cheating and has realized her mistake, you should avoid a show of jealousy and should not be over possessive. Show her your displeasure and the harm she has caused you and the relationship but avoid giving impression you no longer trust her. Otherwise, even if she wants to rest with you, she may soon decide that the relationship cannot be saved.

A Scorpio above all does not like to be proved wrong and you must always keep this in mind in a Scorpio relationship. If she finds out that you have done something you should not have done to her, she will be more than just hurt. A Scorpio will find it difficult to accept she has made an error in judging you. You will force her to realize her mistake, which she will find very difficult to do.

When a Scorpio makes an error she will admit if the case is clear. It is best to let her realize her mistake herself and she will appreciate it if you avoid mentioning it repetitively. When repairing a break up, take matters gently with a Scorpio. They are very volatile, so if you slip up again you might risk heading for another break up which will likely be your last.

You must also learn that boredom in a Scorpio woman relationship is perhaps the worst of all things that can happen. A Scorpio believes that boredom is even worse than finding herself in a conflict; she thrives on a challenge or discussion, however heated it may get.

When you have to heal your Scorpio woman relationship, always remember that you will never get anywhere if you are frightened you may make a mistake.

I recommend you read a book written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson, “The Magic of Making Up”. Its style makes for very easy reading, and T’Dub’ has helped numbers of people throughout the world and with problems like yours, to understand their relationship problems and successfully find their way through them.

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