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My writer name is Thu Tran. Born in Vietnam, I grew up in a typically diversified Eastern culture and began writing at a young age. I studied at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in HCM City. My major is English.

I have tried my hand in a number of topics and edited written works since I was at school. Naturally, I know that I love writing and am willing to spend my lifetime writing. I usually concern myself with the growing interests in niches as like: Art, History, Literature, Music, and Cultures.

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redactional offices

Redactional Offices in HCMC Vietnam

After being graduated, I have started to work full time for the owners of different websites.
This website is owned by Sourcing4-you – a Multi Media Company that operated in various niches of IT Online Activities for the past 15 years.
This website focuses on career orientation, spirit, and future. Its foremost aim is to help people get out of sorrow and find out the right way for their future life.Informatively, we will concern ourselves with the four different niches including the following Sub-categories to start:

  • Astrology
  • Astrology Compatibility
  • Compatibility Horoscope
  • Horoscope

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In addition to providing you necessary selective information about the four categories, I also give myself the gift of self-expression through my BLOG where you are welcomed to find the satisfied answers as well as ask any queries to your most concerning issues on a regular basis.

As a responsible Content Writer, I myself try all the best to provide you the most reliable and interesting information. Please spend your precious time taking a glance at my site to read the most exciting and up-to-date aspect of my articles.

You will definitely find much useful, supportive, and unique information regarding the remarkable works of ASTROLOGY, ASTROLOGY COMPATIBILITY, COMPATIBILITY HOROSCOPE and finally HOROSCOPE.

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