Relationships 101 – Keep Your Woman Happy

Relationships 101 – Keep Your Woman Happy

I am sure you have read plenty of relationship advice on how to keep your woman happy so I am going to stick to the basics. Here’s a list of what men should keep in mind:

1. No pretensions – many men would put their best foot forward at the start to make sure that women would notice them and spend time with them. You would be setting up yourself for woes if you do not show your real self from the start. Do you know the song “you don’t bring me flowers?”

The guy often gives the girl flowers at the beginning of the relationship so she expects it to be the norm. It’s good if you are the romantic gift giving type but just be yourself and she will be happy with who you are instead of being sad and let down later on because you have changed.

2. Small gestures – A man can keep a woman happy by showing how much he cares through little things. Although renting a plane to spell her name out on the sky in smoke would surely make her feel special, little gestures like taking time out to bring her favorite dessert to her work at lunchtime every now and then would also make her happy and feel well appreciated.

3. Express appreciation – Although the previous tip would help let her know that you appreciate her, it would make her even happier for you to verbalize your feelings. Let her know that you are thankful that she is in your life if you really want to keep her happy and to keep her per se.

4. No staring at other women – Women take this as an insult if you stare at other women while you are with them. Wouldn’t you feel just as bad if she was gawking at another guy while you were together?

5. Charm her with laughter – a good sense of humor is generally what women look for in a man. If you want to keep a woman happy and want the relationship to be lasting then find ways to make her laugh often enough.

6. Find a common interest – It would be great if you already have a common interest like if you met each other because you go to the same tennis club. If you do not usually have the same kind of activities then try participating in what she likes. Who knows you might end up liking it too and that would be a plus considering you would be spending more time together. This will make her really happy since you took the time and effort to at least try and experience what she likes doing.

7. Avoid the relationship plateau – Men often stop exerting effort since they have already gotten the girl when they should in fact exert more effort in keeping her. So do not be too slack and still make an effort to look dress up for date night and try to surprise her with little things that would display your affection for them every now and then to keep your woman happy.

These are just few of the many effective relationship advices I learned from the book “the Magic of Making Up” that have helped me realize how to improve my relationship with my partner. I personally recommend that you read the book if you want to learn how to keep a woman happy.

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