Love Tarot Card Meanings

Love Tarot Card Meanings

Finding a true love is never an easy task. It will take a tremendous amount of time, commitment as well as effort. Of course, there are moments when a person will feel lost and hopeless within his relationship. Lacks of communication and misunderstandings are likely to permeate each kind of romantic issues. At that time, love feels as if it has been replaced with confusion and distrust. In some cases, there might be numerous matters causing serious strife within one’s relationship. Yes, the difficulty tends to lie in an inability to find the inner causes and concerns around the discord in the nature of the romance.

Thus, what could Tarot really reveal our romantic bond? Believe it or not, just about everything. Once we lack understanding and faith, our behaviors have a tendency to become pessimistic, hostile, and rigid. It is not hard to understand why we often hide our inner emotion, and then get resentful quickly. Don’t worry! Try practice a deck of Tarot cards since they may offer us a new perspective as well as disclosing hidden feelings, needs, and motivations. Whenever we get stuck in our love conflicts, Tarot will truly be a light in our darkest moments. Significantly, the cards’ power can provide a struggling relationship with the new hope.

Tarot Card Meaning – The Lovers

Love Tarot Card Meanings

When The Lovers card appears in the Tarot spread, it is all about the happiness of coming and staying connected with someone special well. Please keep in mind that this card’s meaning does not always indicate the relationship with anyone. Instead, it might imply having an all-consuming and passionate bond with an interest, hobby, work or even way of thinking. No matter what it is, the card can take us out of ourselves.

Dilemma and choice will be other aspects that The Lovers card wants to mention. In its another version, a young guy is shown attempting to choose between a virgin and a prostitute, suggesting that the age old difficulty in having to select between right and wrong, or stability and excitement.

While the meaning of The Lovers card is basically positive, it does indicate being in the state of unconsciousness, like The Devil Tarot card. The truth is that it might be read as the bright sides of The Devil. In the Rider-Waite-Smith pack, the same “lovers” will be visualized again on The Devil, only with the chains on their necks. Whereas The Devil symbolizes the suffering caused by unconsciousness, The Lovers represents the blissful unconsciousness.

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