Is Mahindra Scorpio Winner?

Is Mahindra Scorpio Winner?

Everyone needs their magical moments back but it’s not as easy as it seems. To get the bright days back one has to work hard almost restlessly. The experts of Mahindra & Mahindra have also spent their restless hours to make Scorpio next-to-best. Even they have got succeeded too in their desires and now it’s having good demand in domestic market. With the passage of time it has got numerous upgradations to meet the new-age challenging conditions. But along with, competition also becomes tougher and presently Toyota Innova is its one of the direct rivals. It’s also being much popular in this segment and admirable too.  Lets have comparison between to come forth with genuine differences.

Fuel Efficiency

This is the fact that SUVs consumer more fuel than any other of car and being owned by those for whom nothing makes big difference. But it’s good to own the best one who also delivers good mileage. On the ground of this extent Mahindra Scorpio is having the mileage of 14.4 km/l as its best against 12.8 km/l of best mileage of Innova.


It’s like a rainbow with all the shimmering colors that attracts people in just a glimpse.  So, the experts of Mahindra has filled all the colors of one’s desires in Scorpio and tagged it with the price of Rs. 12, 39,900 that seems too worthy and competitive against its rivals. Tata Innova is standing against it at the end of rainbow with the price sphere of Rs. 12, 61,700 with the least difference. Not a big issue!

Engine Peculiarity

Performance of any four-wheeler is based on its power-train’s responsiveness. So, it’s must to have inquired about this aspect as to get most enjoyable drive. It should be torn between two conflicting loyalties of performance i.e. power and optimal fuel consumption. For Mahindra Scorpio we can say that it carries good packaging against Innova which is being packed with 2.5 liter 2KD-FTV diesel power-train that’s incorporates the technology of Intercooler Turbocharger with 4 Inline Cylinders for better fuel efficiency whereas Scorpio has fitted with 2.2 liter mHawk CRDE power-train.  For well being performance it’s necessary 

to carry impressive power generation with good torque delivery.  86.7 kw @ 4000 rpm is the max power of Scorpio’s 2.2 L engine with the responsive torque of 290 NM. And Innova’s 2.5 liter is expertise enough to produce the max output of 102 PS @ 3600 rpm with 200 NM of torque.


Undoubtly, Toyota Innova is having attractive appearance as compared to Scorpio. It’s not so that its appearance is not appealing. Its designers have also bedecked it with beautiful design frills. But on both of the extent of performance and pocket treat then Mahindra Scorpio is the best one to own as it’s also comes with automatic transmission mode.


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