Is Being Nice to Women in Relationships Worth It?

Is Being Nice to Women in Relationships Worth It?

Nice guys finish last is a phrase you hear a lot these days. As often as you hear it you still don’t get a full grasp of what it means. It means that nice guys usually do not get what they want from women; rather it is a relationship, attention, a casual thing or whatever. The nice guy does not get what he wants. That is what nice guys finish last means.

With this revelation a lot of guys are purposely trying to play the roll of being a jerk just because they believe that it will help them attract more women. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Too many guys have the wrong idea when they think of what it means to be the so called jerk to a woman.

They go out and they are rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate out of the gate. What ends up happening is the guy screws himself and he never gets a second date. Where does this belief come from that has guys believing that they have to be a jerk to get women? What has made them think that being nice to women in relationships is not worth it nowadays?

They have seen guys get constantly dumped in favor of the bad boy:

This is understood. If you were to ask any girl what bad boy meant you would get all kinds of different Reponses. Some will tell you that it is a guy who is confident or who has a reckless attitude. But all it really means is a guy who is not afraid to be a guy. Too many guys try to make adjustments to themselves simply to get the approval of a woman, and then when they have to keep up the façade they’re not able to and they end up burning out. When they first meet a girl they hide the parts of themselves that they feel will turn a girl off to them. The problem is that the longer they pretend the more the women will resent the guy for pretending. She might pretend as well, but eventually she will go to a guy she will not have to pretend with.

They have seen guys who are nice being disrespected:

It is not that those guys get disrespected. It is that they let themselves get disrespected. Nice guy or bad boy you should always command respect from whoever you are with. If you are a pushover then you cannot get mad at someone for pushing you over. Being nice does not mean that you cannot have a backbone. No woman wants to be with a man that does not have a backbone. So remember that when you are with a girl don’t be afraid to speak up and have a little spine. It is not an issue of being a “nice guy” it is a matter of the person treating you how they want to be treated.

Being a nice guy does not mean that you are destined to get dumped for the bad boy or that you have to be a spineless jelly fish. Women want a man who is a man. No matter how independent she may be otherwise. If you are easily controlled and show no backbone then a women will not feel secure with you. Also it comes off as being pretentious when you are too agreeable and that builds resentment. A women will respect a man who has the you no what to say no every once in a while.

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