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How To Read Your Future With A Deck Of Cards?

Most of us tend to own a deck of cards around our house somewhere. However, few know that these cards may be used to read the future. Actually, the art of interpreting the future with the regular pack of playing cards is known as Cartomancy, and has been widely applied in Europe since the 14th century. Want to know what the future is in store for us? Whether we will live in a bright future prospect or not? Don’t worry! This article will introduce us to a popular card spread utilized for foreseeing the future.

Read Our Future With Playing Cards – Discover 3 Card Layout Now!

How To Read Your Future With A Deck Of Cards?

1. Shuffle the pack of playing cards whilst thinking of the inquiry we have on the future, like “What kind of day shall I have?”

2. Then, split the deck in half through using our left hand, and then put this half down. It is time to place the other half which is on our right hand on top of it.

3. Don’t hesitate to draw the first top 3 cards. The top-most card will be placed on the left, the 2nd card in the middle, as well as the 3rd card on the right. At that time, the 1st card will represent the past, the 2nd one will indicate the present while the 3rd one will symbolize the future.

4. Turn each card face-up, and then interpret the drawn cards, depending on the meanings outlined in this description here:

  • Read the cards as follows:

The suit of Diamonds: relates the material (happenings, money, and wealth)

The suit of Clubs: relates to achievement (work, plans for the future)

The suit of Hearts: relates to the emotional (friends, family, and love)

The suit of Spades: relates to antagonism (troubles, interruptions)

  • Read the face cards as follows:

Jacks: denote messages or the risk; they might also represent innocence

Queens: denote a woman’s impact or the maternal

Kings: denote a man’s influence or the paternal

  • Read the colors as follows:

Red: reveals positive.

– Black: reveals negative, especially the suit of Spades

  • Interpret each numbered card based on the significances below:

– Aces discloses beginnings

– 2 discloses direction

– 3 discloses details

– 4 discloses roots put down

– 5 discloses a glitch

– 6 discloses changes

– 7 discloses expansion

– 8 discloses ideas

– 9 discloses progression

– 10 discloses completion.

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