How To Do Tarot Card Readings?

How To Do Tarot Card Readings?

It is worth pointing out that there are 2 methods of reading Tarot cards. Firstly, we are required to memorize all the cards’ meanings available in some Tarot books. The second way is somewhat different as our intuition and Psychic capabilities will be used to interpret the cards’ significances. Most of the Tarot readers do both, but they prefer to make use of their intuition to guide them.

Reading this article, and we will know the ways to conduct a Tarot session, based mainly on our intuition. As a result, if we are absolutely new to these cards, it is not necessary for us to rush off as well as memorize all of the cards’ meanings. This sounds amazing and interesting, right?

How To Conduct Our Own Tarot Card Reading?

How To Do Tarot Card Readings?


One we are truly relaxed, and our mind is totally quiet, the soft voice of our intuition will be clearly heard. Thus, don’t forget to make ourselves comfortable, and then start to take deep breaths in and out through the nose or mouth.

Clear Our Tarot Deck

As our chosen pack would have absorbed the energy of our final session, it’s really significant to clear our deck from any residual energy, please! One of the greatest ways to do it is through shuffling.

After shuffling a pack in a few minutes, we should hold it in our hands, and then give it a light bath. In other words, we are advised to imagine breathing in a stunning white light, and after that, sending this light down our arms and into our Tarot deck in order that it will be actually bathed in that white light.

Ask Our Own Question

Once we hold our pack, try to ask the inquiries out loud or silently in our mind. Don’t have any specific query to enquiry? Simply, we could ask our Tarot cards something like “What do I have to know now?” or “Which types of messages do you have for me?”

It is better to let our inquiries settle into the deck by visualizing that they are traveling from our mind, down towards our arms and into our cards.

Cut the Deck
Don’t be hesitant to place our Tarot pack on the table, in front of us. Afterwards, use our left hand to cut the deck in half, and then set the top half on the left side. We should end up having 2 piles of cards. Pick out the card located on the top of the right pile as well as turn it over.
It is time to take advantage of our intuition to interpret its meaning, coupled with the assistance of Tarot guideline book.

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