How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards?

How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards?

Practically, when it comes to the field of Fortune Telling with playing cards, there seem to be a couple of major categories such as the Spanish Naipes, the Tarot cards, the Italian/Sicilian, and the standard (English/French) deck of 52 cards. Among all these chief categories, the cards tend to be split into 3 equal sections that will explain the significances of the fortune-telling cards. The first is astrological associations, the second is relating to the key words while the third is the numerical meanings.

In fact, studies under this topic often state that using a playing card deck for a Tarot reading is considered as an part of true Tarot cards as it were popularly applied in the ancient days for divination. It is worth pointing out that 2 decks of cards were often divided at the certain point of time in order to create a pack of fortune-playing cards. These cards’ meanings have emerged into bright existence since 16th century in Europe and were probably begun by the Romany.

Basic Ways To Perform A Tarot Session With Playing Cards

How To Do A Tarot Reading With Playing Cards?

Step 1
Select which suit of playing cards will present which suit of Tarot cards. As there seems to be no right answer, don’t hesitate to do whatever we feel right, and whatever something makes sense to us. Something like what every symbol means to us as well as the colors of the suits should be taken into account.

Step 2
Find out the numbering system. Basically, Tarot cards are apt to run ace through 10, and own 4 court cards (queen, king, page, and knight). At the same time, playing cards possess ace through 10, and have 3 court cards (king, queen, and jack). We are required to choose what court card needs to leave out whereas interpreting with playing cards.

Step 3
Determine if we should include the Major Arcana in a reading or not. While a deck of Tarot cards has 22 Major Arcana cards, playing cards don’t own anything equivalent to that. In some cases, once practicing playing cards, lots of the readers select to leave these cards out totally. However, if we want, we are completely allowed to add cards from the second pack to symbolize them.

Step 4
Shuffle, cut the cards, and then lay them out as if we are performing a regular deck of Tarot cards. Please notice that the more closely we follow the same routine that we apply with our Tarot cards, the more natural it feels.

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