Horoscope Reading and Importance of Planets

Horoscope Reading and Importance of Planets

Horoscope reading is like looking into a mirror in which the astrologer is able to see the reflection of the individuals past and the future too. It can be taken to be a kind of photograph of some definite time and place. An Astrologer while horoscope reading goes through the 12 houses in order to predict the life of the individual. In order to calculate the events indicated the astrologer requires having knowledge pertaining to impact that periods have on the individual.

Horoscope reading is governed on the fact that the nature at every moment in time is usually governed through planets and their movement, which have a great role in determining the behavior and actions of any individual at that particular moment.  The three parameters of horoscope reading are planet, house along with the sign.

There are almost 12 rashis or signs which are located in the houses that are 12 in number. Usually each rashi occupied one house at a time, houses vary in sizes and their starting may fall on any rashi. This system can be better understood by visualizing a circle on another circle with similar dimensions. At any point if we align one point in the circumference of these circles then rest point will fall in their places. Similarly in horoscope reading it is important to determine the position of the first house and all signs will automatically align themselves.

Once you are able to fix the sign on houses now the planets too can be located in these houses. There are a total of nine planets which may be combined in some of the houses and lead to some empty houses too. Most of the planets have certain intrinsic properties which when mixed with the sign color and the house of occupation may change color and cause a different behavior in most individuals at the time of their birth.

The reasons related to the behavioural pattern of the planets are essentially three. Firstly, this is greatly determined by the house where the planet is placed. Then comes the sign with which the planet is placed and thirdly any other planet which may stand in association and cause a change in behaviour.

Having ascertained the behaviour of the planet due to the place it holds in relation to the house, sign and other planets, the results of this behaviour may change with time; this depends on Dashas at the particular moment. Dasha reveals the effectiveness of the planets and the times in which they are active.

In order to understand horoscope reading and its effective on the native mind, it is important to understand the co-relation of planets with the individual’s life. Horoscope reading is an art, which can only be learned with time as the astrologer gradually becomes familiar with the movement of the planets. Horoscope reading has always been viewed with scepticism and is said to be based on meticulous calculations on the part of the astrologer.

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