Historical Moon Zodiac Signs

Historical Moon Zodiac Signs
The people who perform the analysis of moon zodiac are known as astrologists. The zodiac signs are the classification of a period of time into several different groups within the twelve months of a year to predict the human characteristics of a person according to the birth date. The prediction of the movements of the sun, moon, and stars has been used even during the ancient times when writing was not even invented yet. Those prehistoric people have come to learn to memorize the positions of the planets and stars as well as the relation to the moon to forecast the seasons, appeasing to Gods and evaluating their paths.   However, in time, humans eventually did research and further studies about the planet and universe hence coming to a conclusion that the planets and stars they witness in the sky are merely celestial objects filled with mass and they move on their orbits with no relation to superpower Gods. Nevertheless, the earliest observations by the antique people should not be completely defied as they were the ones who began the tracked the movements of these objects therefore came the origin of the moon zodiac. The expansion of modern astronomy eventually grew with the prediction of other celestial objects such as comets.   Not only that the moon has been used as a prediction to human occurrences, the Indian astronomers also studied the Sun’s orbital passage during the Vedic times to understand the transition of one season to another. While the moon creates the moon zodiac, the Sun was believed by the Vishnu people to contain three factors, the ram, lion and bull. During the 20th century, however, astrologists found new converts where more people are seeking meaning into their lives. Other faiths such as Wicca and Buddhism come to appear and astrology has since then been adopted. Disregard of either the moon, Sun or other starry formation in the space, humans have gradually turned these natural courses into something they can use to predict human characteristics, human’s individual life forecasts and the future.

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