Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Fortune telling with a deck of playing cards is truly a flummoxing art that appears very old. It is believed that this special art has been perfectly running for hundreds of years with the regular playing cards. Read this article for self-knowledge and self-discovery now!

How To Do Fortune Telling With Playing Cards?

Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

The Suits of Cards

Generally speaking, the card deck will have all of the 4 suits: hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. Each of them tends to represent an aspect of life.

  • The hearts denotes love, friendship, close relationships, and romance.
  • The diamonds denotes money matters and business.
  • The clubs denotes energy, creativity, reward, and hard work.
  • The spades denotes unexpected happenings, change, the unknown, and warnings.


Don’t hesitate to add some information below to the basic numerology so that the meanings of every card can be clearly determined:

  • 1: Attainment, new starts, and independence.
  • 2: Tact, diplomacy, and co-operation.
  • 3: Communication and self-expression.
  • 4: Discipline, hard work, system. and order.
  • 5: Variety and freedom
  • 6: Family matters and home.
  • 7: Analysis, spirituality, learning, and wisdom.
  • 8: Money, large-scale undertakings, and finance.
  • 9: Humanitarianism.
  • 10: New beginnings
  • The Jack: A young individual of either gender.
  • The Queen: A strong woman who tends to be close to the questioner.
  • The King: A mature man who has a strong influence on a questioner and can offer great advice.


How To Combine Cards’ Meanings?

It is time to combine these to identify the significances of every card. For example, the 3 of hearts often indicates the communication (the three) about friendship or love (hearts). Meanwhile, the 7 of clubs will imply learning (the seven) about some types of creativity, where there shall be a reward (clubs). Sometimes, however, it may also refer to an unconventional approach to the hard work. We are always required to think about the interpretation because the precise meaning is apt to rely upon the querent’s situation at the particular time.

Now, we are able to give the Tarot interpretations, based on what we have learned. One of the simplest readings is to ask only one question, and then pull out 1 card from the Tarot deck. This card should answer this query. However, in some cases, two or more cards may be chosen at random if the first one does not provide us with the full answer, remember!

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