Comparison of Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio

Comparison of Tata Safari and Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Safari, both of are SUVs par excellence. Presently, nowhere near to them who can touches the horizons of their performance. It’s quite effortful task to have comparison among them as both of them are top-notched performer and also available at Indian stores within the same price arena of Rs 10 lakh.

The appearance of Tata Safari has been conceptualized in a way to give feeling of luxury sedan. It has magnetic appearance with all its aggressive characteristics. Its design is classically handsome which has ground new definition to SUV concept. This model reflects the determined efforts of its fashioners who plaster it with luxury looks. Its hawkish looks make it more aggressive whereas the appearance of Mahindra Scorpio is quite dynamic. The looks of it are its greatest assets as it exhales its dynamic personality and gives the feel of sportsmanlike. Its signatured front grille enhances its jazzy look. Overall we can say that its gladiator like looks gives it tough appearance that scooped it as amateur.

Tata Safari is the dream of Tata Motors to introduce India’s best amongst the world’s finest SUVs. To make its dream come true the company has strengthen it with its most popular DICOR (Direct Injection Common Rail) diesel engine. The bull like car has the ability to hold 2.2L, 2179cc power-train which can generate the power of 140 PS at 4000 Rpm with the max torque of 320 Nm at 1700-2700 Rpm. It’s adequate to have robust performance with high fuel efficiency.  Mahindra Scorpio… all in the name. As the name exhibits, the car makers have designed it to be more magnetic and more dynamic. It is equipped with the 2.2L, 2179cc, CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection), mHawk engine. It is also fitted with 4 valves per cylinder to shoots up its efficiency.

Tata Safari is quite smooth in handling. This powerful SUV promises to render good control as it’s having ABS and EBD which ensures it to never skip. It also has Hydraulic Ventilated Disc Brakes which is being assisted by huge vacuum. Its anti roll bars, 4 WD Independent with torsion bar, rear suspension and Front suspension with 2WD Independent coil spring have the 

potential to save you from any mishap. Mahindra Scorpio is the replication of its name. It’s having all the qualities as like the scorpion personality have. It’s packed with advanced safety measures that are quite hot stuffs i.e. ABS (Anti Lock Braking System), Crash Protection Crumple Zone, Dural SRS Airbag, Speed alert, Voice assist system and many more. Safety extent, its imposing safeguards makes you safe.

As we go with facts than Tata Safari is more powerful and high-geared performer on both on and off road. At comfort aspects it’s all in all comfy.



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