Chinese Zodiac Rabbit by Element

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit by Element

Water Rabbit
Water Rabbits are very obedient individuals who will avoid an argument at any cost. Conflict usually hurts them because of their delicate nature. They are very caring and giving individuals who absolutely love their family and friends. Because of this Water Rabbits do generally have a lot of friends.

Popular Water Rabbits: Brad Pitt, Curtly Ambrose (West Indian cricketer), Mariska Hargitay, Johnny Depp, Vanessa Williams, Nicollette Sheridan, Isaiah Washington

Wood Rabbit
Wood Rabbits play the role of peacemakers and avoid hurting people’s feelings at all costs. They are also very generous proud who help well deserving causes. If you need a shoulder to cry and a friend to support and hold your hands when the going gets tough then wood rabbits are the people whom you should seek.

Popular Wood Rabbits: Angelina Jolie, Craig Armstrong (football), David Beckam (soccer), Eva Longoria, Eva Mendez, Drew Barrymore , Charlize Theron

Fire Rabbit
Fire Rabbits exude charm and magnetism and life to the fullest. They are very adventurous people who are also very creative. They generally don’t show their emotions that easily. Like all Rabbits these personalities also avoid conflicts at all costs.

Popular Fire Rabbits: Clive Barnes, Jimmy Andrews, Jerry Stiller

Earth Rabbit
Earth Rabbits are very grounded people. People flock to them for advice because these Rabbits view the world with a certain sense of realism and practicality. They are very hard workers and take pride in their homes and love their family. These Rabbits love to accumulate wealth.

Popular Earth Rabbits: William Anders, Heather Armitage, Karl Marx

Metal rabbit
Metal Rabbits have a tendency to withstand shock better than the other Rabbits. They are very passionate individuals who immerse themselves into everything they do whether it be work or relationships, their passion comes through.

Popular Metal Rabbits: Jane Seymour, Kathryn Bigelow, Tanya Boyd (Days of our Lives), David F. Bischoff. owns and operates one of the top quality astrology horoscope web sites on the internet today. Their main concentration is on originality, reliability and sincerity. Their core is to make sure that anyone looking for a true vedic consultation will be able to find a dependable service that will answer to the point and keep it simple. Their many customers trust in their advice and accurate recommendations. Visit their website at

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