Characteristics Of Plastic Crusher

Characteristics Of Plastic Crusher
Characteristics of plastic crusher
The advantages and disadvantages of plastic crusher
The advantages of plastic
1, most of the corrosion resistance of plastics, not with acid, alkali reaction.
2, plastic manufacturing costs low.
3, durable, waterproof, lightweight.
4, likely to be plastic into different shapes.
5, is a good insulator.
6, the plastic can be used for preparation of fuel oil and fuel gas, which can reduce oil consumption.
The disadvantage of plastic
1, recycling of waste plastics, the classification is very difficult and economically viable.
2, the plastic is easy combustion, produce toxic gases when burned. For example, polystyrene combustion of toluene, a small amount of this substance can cause blindness, vomiting and other symptoms of inhalation, PVC burning will produce toxic hydrogen chloride gas, in addition to combustion, is the high temperature will cause decomposition of the toxic ingredients of plastic, such as benzene and so on.
3, the plastic crusher is made from petroleum-based products, oil resources are limited.
4, the plastic can not be biodegradable.
Because plastic can not be natural degradation, has now led to the tragedy of many animals. Such as the zoo’s monkeys, pelicans, dolphins and other animals, are readily lost visitors swallowed No. 1 plastic bottles, and finally as indigestion and painful death; looked beautiful and clean sea, approaching the look, in fact, a great, full of various oceans can not accommodate the plastic waste, dead birds in more than just gut samples and found a wide variety of plastic can not be digested.
Hazard for the plastic, we have developed a plastic crusher, plastic greatly reduces the damage to the environment. Nagin, Dongguan Plastic crusher machinery production are environmentally friendly, low carbon, energy-saving features.

Since the usefulness of human beings after the discovery of oil, plastic garbage everywhere. Various types of plastic bottles, plastic tubes, plastic containers, and other special crusher, professional handling of all kinds of waste plastics. Reducing urban pollution, promote the effective recovery of waste. The emergence of plastic crusher, plastic garbage ease the damage on the urban environment. Nagin crusher plastic machinery has the following characteristics:
1. effective
Effective, comprehensive, precise, durable handle all types of plastic waste. No dust, no noise, energy saving.
2. the machine blade
Long life. Use of special alloy material, the use of high technology treatment, the use of rigorous independent installation, increased blade life and reduce maintenance time for the blade.
3. the cost
Low cost. Because the use of comprehensive rationalization of design, increased use of machinery hand, extending the efficient use of machine time, and a significant decline in the cost.


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