Characteristics of Leo

Characteristics of Leo

Let’s hear you roar! You’re Leo, the lion. Without a doubt, you’re the king/queen of the jungle. Some may see you as shy in the beginning, but that’s because you are analyzing the complexity and figuring it all out. But then you stand up on stage and take your rightful place as the showman, the entertainer, the leader that you were born to be.

Energies: Will Energy, expressing itself as strength and power; Scientific Reasoning, expressing itself as the problem solver, the researcher, and the experimenter.

Will Energy

Will energy is very strong. It will wipe out and destroy the old, and start over by creating something new.

Aries and Capricorn have this same Will energy pouring through them, and are really good to work with on anything that requires a lot of courage and strength. They are leaders, like you, although with different methods. Working on adventurous, cutting edge projects together with the goal of becoming co-leaders will hold your interest and give you a good work out with your problem solving ability.

Scientific Reasoning

Scientific Reasoning is pure creative problem solving energy with one purpose, to bring about your freedom. If there is a complex problem, whether at a personal, local or global level, your creative thinking will discover the solution. Nothing will keep you imprisoned for long. Your quest is to “fix the problem” in order to be free of it. You will not only expose the secrets, but you will make the solution look simple. You are then free to go on to the next quest.

Aquarius and Sagittarius think out of the box like you and are great to work with on complex projects. Also Sagittarius usually adds some humor which keeps you from becoming too serious.

Virtues: Leadership, courage, problem solving, simplicity.


Dominating or ego ridden authorities do not scare you, at least not for long. You’ll figure them out and when you do, you will expose and dethrone them. Sometimes, not outright, you’ll step to the side offering something that you have invented that is even better. After all, pioneering energy flows through you, always urging you to be part of the leading edge.


Your courage is truly amazing, which is why people flock to you without knowing why. You are good at helping people find their own uniqueness and who they are. That’s the scientific reasoning energy flowing through.

Problem Solving

If you can think it, you can invent it.

Also many times when you are through with whatever you are trying to figure out, you are through. Maintenance is not your strength. You feel called to go to the next thing, while the people with you may have just started.

You need Virgo in your life to help document your research and your experiments. Only then are you really free to go to the next project, as you have a responsibility to leave behind road maps of what you find.


Your amazing gift is to take a complex issue and simplify it so that it is understood by all.

Vices: Too forceful leadership, daredevil, critical.

Forceful Leadership

Your energy tends to be too strong, overpowering, and using others as guinea pigs in your research. Once the research is complete, you move on to the next problem, not hanging around and implementing what was found.


You have so much strength pouring through you that you think you can do anything with no regard for your safety. Be aware that you captivate others with what looks like great courage. You may escape unharmed but those around you can be hurt in the process.


To problem solve, which is one of your real strengths, you have to see what is wrong before you can improve on it. You can be critical, cutting, and cruel sometimes in your evaluation of others. That’s one of your vices that you need to be overcome, and you will.

You are one mad researcher, and sometimes people feel they are just your white rats. They don’t feel you care about them as much as you care about the problem you are trying to solve with your experiment. In the real extreme, it’s the old joke, “the operation was a success, even though the patient died.” In other words, people can find you are cold in your analyzing, experimenting, and researching.

Love Compatibility:

Aquarius is your opposite sign and pulls you toward your own balance. The tension keeps you from being bored, and can be exciting.

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