Best Free Love Tarot Reading Tips You Will Read This Year

The dynamics of every partnership depend on dual egos. In order to reach the most successful relationship, the two personalities have to flow in unison, each supplementing the other’s strengths and repairing their weaknesses. Both move forward and strive to achieve similar goals. Many couples ask Tarot cards when they have troubles, and thus Free Love Tarot Reading was born to serve.

How to Read Love Tarot

  • Two of Pentacles

This card represents how you see yourself. A woman said that while she was for the happiest part, she was also extremely busy. The Two of Pentacles seems to prove that. She loved the time she spent with her boyfriend. However, she was so busy with her job, social schedule, and family commitments that she did not have many hours left to devote to her relationship. This makes her partner feel left out.

  • Queen of Cups

This Tarot card indicates the way your partner sees you. The Queen of Cups is wise, kind and gifted. But she can also be aloof and mysterious. She possesses all qualities you always desire, and you have to learn the way she opens up and bestows those gifts upon you. Your soul mate may appreciate all of your finer qualities, but he also fears that he cannot fit into your world or move comfortably in your social milieu.

  • Knight of Swords

In Free Tarot Reading Love, this card signifies the way you think about your partner. Sometimes you are angry with him. So here, the Knight of Swords indicates that you felt him had trampled your feelings by rushing to conclusions without sincerely listening to what you had said. You had been dreaming of a future, but not planning the practical steps to get there. 

  • Two of Cups

The Two of Cups reveals your current relationship. While there might be many challenges, the partnership is based on equality, and it can be a time of not only reconciliation but also rebirth. The key to moving forward is that you both need to rest in each other’s willingness to compromise. However, this does not mean you should give up who you are to please the other partner. You just need to do your utmost to appreciate one another’s needs and concerns and integrate them into the flow of the relationship.

  • Three of Cups

The Three of Cups signifies the obstacle that is standing between you. It depicts three merry women who are drinking, dancing and appearing to have no care in the world. The friendship may be healthy and joyful, but it might get out of hand if you are not careful. If your life is party-central, it is likely that one of you may get party-pooped sooner than the other. For example, a woman tries to become a quintessential party girl while her boyfriend’s sober attitude causes him to feel discomfort and pull away.


Consider free love tarot reading as a gift that helps you find guidance in your love life. Follow your instinct whenever having troubles, and the happiness will smile at you. Love with all of your heart then you will finally find out your true love. Good luck!

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