Alpha Male Traits

Alpha Male Traits

“When you are tough on yourself, life is going to be infinitely easier on you.” Zig Ziglar.

I want you to stop and take a good, hard look at yourself. Ask yourself these questions:  Am I the person I want to be?  How can I change to become the person I want to be?  Am I willing to do what it takes to change?  These are the types of questions that men who possess alpha male traits ask themselves.  

An alpha male is a man who has control over himself, has control of his emotions, and has confidence in his ability to maintain this control.  An alpha male isn’t necessarily the best looking man, the most intelligent man, or the wealthiest man.  This is the man who has learned to control himself in any situation.  Alpha male traits can be learned.

The reason women love men who are alpha males is that they are safe.  This man doesn’t have to control her.  He’s not afraid of her, either.  He’s happy with himself.  He’s confident around both men and women.  Alpha male traits are evident in his posture, his walk, and his talk.  

Success with women first comes from the mind.  It’s how you think that most women find sexy.  Certainly, there are men that are able to date about any woman they want on their looks alone.  But look around the next time you go out and check the environment to see how many average looking guys are with hot women.  The percentage is surprising.  

If you want more success in dating, figure out how to have better success in life first.  Alpha male traits come from bettering yourself first.  Exercising, getting an education, watching what you eat, increasing your vocabulary are all good places to start changes for the better.  

By becoming a better man, you become a better candidate for a relationship in the eyes of women.  You’ll be more interesting and have a broader range of topics you can discuss.  You’ll have more energy and vitality.  Women will find you sexier, more exciting, and more challenging.  They will find their way to you, instead of you always going after them.  By learning the skills for alpha male traits your life will dramatically change.  For the better.

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