A Horoscope of Shoes

A Horoscope of Shoes


You can make fashion sense of your future by considering your horoscope of shoes. Different types of shoes represent different types of personalities and charisma. So for fun, let’s consider the different star signs and which shoes will make you happiest and feeling more fulfilled.




A Gemini loves a great social life and has lots of energy. A shoe that captures this zeal for life is ideal. Consider buying the Charlotte Olympia Miranda Leopard Platform wedge shoes in black, yellow and white. Leopards are known for their bursts of energy and great beauty.




You don’t want to be shy, but you have to be pushed sometimes. By letting your personality shine through you can make new contacts that are mutually beneficial. For you, the gold colored Givenchy woven leather ankle boot with the belted buckle detail offers a nice blend or traditional style with a touch of the pushy.




With diligence and commitment, you can go as far as you want in life. Distant horizons are calling you and that is why the Giambattista Valli Giraffe Linen Wedge seems so perfect with its wild animal print and silver buckles.




It’s time to feel as deeply as you can and to let love into your life. It may be that you need restoration of the heart first, but the power is there. When you slip on the multicolor pink and white Lanvin ankle-wrap puzzle wedge you can’t help but believe that the pieces of your life are finally coming together.




Others are ready to help you as you seek to find the path of success. That’s precisely why the Alexander Wang Kasia wedge shoe is perfect. It has an open profile but plenty of support at the toes, the arch, and the ankle using buckles and Velcro.




You can empower others which means you can look forward to fulfilling relationships with friends and lovers. The Nicholas Kirkwood patent oxford in raspberry color reflects your passion and your common sense at the same time.




Appreciating the past and then using what you have learned to your advantage in the present is an outstanding quality. Your courage and determination are reflected in the Chrissie Morris Cinzia stone-detail platform with its lapis lazuli stone, contrast piping and stiletto heel.




With your high spirits, life is a joyous series of events. That is why the Stella McCartney scarlett clog sandal is so ideal. It’s happy color and ribbon tie make this a shoe that appropriately reflects your good will towards others.




Your willingness to stay the course pays off and all you have left to do is celebrate your success. Can you think of a better shoe than the Biambattista Valli pony print fringe heel to prove you really do know how to celebrate with style?




As an ingenious sign, you know that you have the power to influence others. Sometimes it may take some convincing, but in the end you always win. The Chloé scalloped ballet flat is the ideal shoe to be wearing while doing all of this convincing. It’s practical but the scallops give it a joie de vivre that brings others to your side.




A strong personality, you know what you believe and your values are rock solid. The Rick Owens classic wedge ankle boot makes a bold statement of confidence. The strength of the boot matches the strength of your character.




You enjoy meeting people and creating a sense of harmony. The Charlotte Olympia Carmen raffia wedge shoe is ideal. It has a neutral color that blends with any outfit and a harmonious design that is not interrupted with accessories or unnecessary details.


Shoes can reflect your personality, your likes and dislikes, your social skills and your emotions. Your choices reflect your confidence and your willingness to enjoy life to its fullest. Match your shoes to your horoscope sign and start having some fun because who knows what the future might bring?

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