5 Secrets That Will Make Your Free Love Tarot Look Amazing

There are times in life when we seek relationships that seem attainable and can bring us happiness. Free love Tarot can help you fulfill this mission. The Shadow Truth spread, which is a simple, five-card format, is an effective means of reaching to the truth of a matter. Let’s go and figure out some secrets behind this kind of spread.

1. Top Card

The card at the top predicts how your perspective is changing, and will continue to evolve in the days ahead. If you pick up the Page of Swords, then you are ready to take on the world. It is the card of intellect and reason, so your battle is one of reason and logic. This card also emphasizes cutting to the chase and gaining the truth of a matter. For you, this meant you are now ready to face whatever has been holding your back. No need to flee anymore. You will accept the truth and be ready to face any challenge in your relationship.

2. Center Card

The card at the center reveals your current viewpoint on the issue. The High Priestess is a mysterious card that represents both deep reflections and hidden truths. It indicates beginning and completion. If this card shows up in your free love Tarot reading, then there is more going in your relationship than it might appear. The thing beneath the surface may be the most critical factor in whether your relationship will succeed or fail. You need to see whether that information will reveal via an internal or external source.

3. Right Card

The right card shows the beliefs and emotions that have shaped your current perspective. The Eight of Wands flows like banners through the air. Because there is no figure in this card, it reveals that the momentum of the flying wands was set in motion by the inquirer. For you, this card was an extremely good omen. The Eight of Wands signifies opportunity and fulfillment in your direction. Having started on your path to enlightenment, you need to maintain the course in order to find the answers you have been seeking.

4. Left Card

The Two of Wands suggests your attitude towards the outside world, and you perceived this attitude from those around you. In this card, a nobleman is standing on a parapet of his castle. He holds a globe in his hand when he surveys his domain. He has wealth, success, etc. But he also has a tendency to think that he has a right to tell others what to do. This card suggests that you are perhaps pushing your agenda with your honey a little too hard. As a result, your partner may want to seek more mutuality and balance.

5. Bottom Card

The bottom card reveals those truths that keep you from resolving the issue. The Four of Pentacles means that while you are good at forming a worldview and seeing it as your future, you lack the capacity to see a picture that includes the larger universe in which your world existed. However, you still have a chance of having a bright future with your partner. Just be cautious since your union would be fueled by your dreams. Hope you enjoy Free love Tarot!

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