5 Questions You Need To Know To Find Trusted Free Physic Reading

Many people come to psychic when they have troubles in life. No matter the guidance is right or wrong, the seekers still choose to believe it simply because they do not have anything to trust in. Bad people know this fear. They use it to fool the seekers and take their money or assets. Therefore, you need to be careful when it comes to free physic reading. Answer five questions below to see whether your psychic is a guru or a fake.

1. Do They Ask Primary Questions?

A genuine psychic does not need to ask you a cluster of questions. The only questions a real psychic will ask are What is your name?” and What is your date of birth?” Then he will use his psychic ability to find out the answer you need. If a psychic asks for more personal information like bank account and credit card number, end the session and move on. You are dealing with a con artist.

2. Do They Ask For Sensitive or Personal Information?

Fraud psychics like to ask personal information in order to steal your identity. In their ruse, they say it is to help them connect with your soul. Do not take the bait. A trustworthy psychic does not need that type of information to release an accurate reading. Under no circumstances should you release your personal or financial information. If asked, end the free physic reading online immediately.

3. Do They Invent The Curse?

If someone asks for more money to remove a curse, do not mind ending the session immediately. This is a scam. The fake psychics like to prey on those who are afraid of bad news. These charlatans know the fact that most people will do anything to get rid of the bad luck. Therefore, they ask for an additional fee to remove the curse. They will fool you that they have removed the curse, but they did not. Of course, curses do not exist!

4. Do They Usually Change Their Contact Information?

Does your psychic reader often change his information? If you suddenly cannot contact him at one phone number, or if his email address changes regularly, you may be dealing with a fly-by-night. A legitimate psychic will keep his contact stably because it is the way he keeps his customers. In contrast, a fraudulent psychic reader tends to pack up and moves his show somewhere else. He cannot stay in one place unless he wants to get caught. Report the fraud to the police, if possible.

5.  Do They Offer Free Advice?

Be careful with the ones who approach you in the supermarket or the hospital. They tend to approach people who seem to be weak or vulnerable. They will say that you are dealing with some sort of emotional pain, but you will get through it. This trick makes you feel like they do care about you, they will not do anything to hurt you, especially if you are truly going through emotional trauma. Once they catch you, they will charge a higher price to offer further advice and free physic reading. If someone tries to do this with you, politely thank them and walk away.

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