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3 Traits Women Look For in Men – Especially in Year 2021!

3 Traits Women Look For, in Men, Another night and all your friends are out on dates while you’re sitting at home.
You are a nice guy, but the truth is, you can’ seem to get a date.
What is it that women are looking for in men?
This is a question that many men have spent hours wondering.
Well, here are just a few traits that are sure to catch any woman’s interest.

If She Has these Qualities, Never Let Her Go!

If She Has these Qualities, Never Let Het Go!

Trait 1. Confidence

Confidence is key, and it is a trait that every woman is looking for in a man.
Women are looking for a strong man, and that includes mentally.
Would you date a woman who was always crying about her looks?
Well, women do not like that in men either.
Having the confidence to walk up to a woman because you know you have something special to offer is a key trait.

Trait 2. Humor

Women love men that can make them laugh.
Don’t be uptight and stressful; it is a huge turnoff.
Women are looking to have a good time, and having a sense of humor is a great trait to have.
By making her laugh, you show her that you know how to have fun.

Trait 3. Respect

This is a trait that all women look for in men, no matter what.
Respect involves a lot, but she will definitely notice and appreciate it.
When she speaks, look into her eyes and hold her gaze.
She needs to know you are listening to what she has to say.
Open doors for her, offer to pay, and treat her like a lady.
Give her the attention she deserves and make her feel like she is the only person in the world for you.

All women are looking for these traits in men. When they find a man who shows them what they are looking for, they will never let you go!

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