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10 Traits Quality Women like – For Their Man in 2023!

10 Traits Quality Women like – For Their Man in 2023!
OK, here are the 10 traits that quality women are looking for in their man:

1. A Leader – 10 Traits Quality Women like!

A leader is a confident man.
That’s why women love to see their man working or want to visit him at the office.
They want to feel your power, your passion at work.

2. A man who truly appreciates her!

A man who truly appreciate her for who she is, who doesn’t want to change her, and who hears her out.
You need to be able to relate to her and her emotions and feelings.
Too many men jump to the conclusion and try to offer a solution (as a gesture of love to help her), but they often don’t realize all she wants is to be heard and understood.

3. Real mature man – 10 Traits Quality Women like!

A man who knows who he is and what he wants.
This is especially important as she may judge the strength of the relationship and test your love to see if she’s really that special to you.

4. An ambitious man – 10 Traits Quality Women like!

You don’t have to have a great job/situation, but you need to show passion, dedication, and commitment to a certain goal.
She should be a crucial part of your life, but she shouldn’t be the sole purpose for your living.

An ambitious man!

Several years ago, I had the wrong mental frame of thinking: all I want to do is be with a beautiful girl, which gives her too much power and suffocates her.
Your passion/job/mission should be your primary reason for existence.
One test women will use whether you want a relationship right now.
The correct answer to that is something along the lines of: “I don’t need a relationship right now; I’m very focused on my career/passion and have a great, exciting life… but I feel I would love to share it with someone special – but I’m in no rush to meet her right away, I want to make sure it’s the right person.”
What does this sub communicate, and why is it very useful in making you attractive?
Here are the key reasons:

  • You don’t show desperation: you don’t need a relationship right now
  • Yet you show intent: I would like a special partner in my life
  • You show strength & achievement: perfectly happy right now and have an exciting life
  • You show ambition: focus on career/passion but also want someone exceptional to join you

5. A Passionate Man – 10 Traits Quality Women like!

A passionate man who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest (and who wants her to join him on an exciting adventure).
Women love passion and adventure, and they want to be led.
They love to jump into a man’s world and be taken on a ride – interpret this in as many ways as you wish.

6. A Masculine Man – 10 Traits Quality Women like!

A masculine man who allows her to be feminine and surrender to him, in the bedroom and public.
In today’s society, many professional women feel like they have to behave like men to be successful at work. When they come home, they want to relax and feel feminine and surrender to their man. So they want a strong man when they’re not working when you guys hang out or are in a more intimate setting, making love.

7. A man who makes her feel secure – Traits Quality Women!

A man who makes her feel safe, secure, and comfortable at all times.
It’s not only about trust; it’s about you taking care of her and making sure she’s comfortable.
Further, it’s about “being the provider” part of the man women look for in their perfect partner.

8. Homoristic Man – 10 Traits Quality Women like!

A man with a sense of humor.
Who can make her laugh, be playful, and surprise her?
Let’s face it; today’s world is chaotic, challenging, and even depressing at times.

Does she want to have that experience with you? Absolutely not!
She wants you to bring her to a world that is fun, light, refreshing, seductive, playful…
Like when you guys were children unaware of all of today’s worries and problems.
Of course, I’m not suggesting that you always be like that.
You must be able to share your challenges with your partner and be really discussing them with her.
What I’m suggesting is that you regularly sprinkle humor, fun, and happiness in her life (and yours!).

9. A Gentleman – – 10 Traits Quality Women like

A nice naughty mix of a gentleman and naughty boy!
That means a man who opens doors for her and the bad boy who’s passionate and naughty in the bedroom (or outside!).
She may never admit this to you, but this is exactly what she talks about with her girlfriends all the time behind closed doors.
It’s rare for the man who possesses this unique combination of a gentleman and a bad boy.
She craves both, but way too often, she can only have one.
Or if she’s unfaithful, she has both, but it’s two different people (you embracing both men in your body is the best way to keep her faithful, by the way!).

Practically speaking, what does this mean?

In public (think with her family, friends, coworkers), be the gentleman who opens doors for her, cares for her by making sure she’s comfortable at all times and is very thoughtful and respectful all the time.
Private espouse some of the bad boy’s characteristics while still being thoughtful, respectful, and loving.
This may include spanking her or pulling her hair while having passionate sex.
Doing naughty things in semi-public locations and teasing her by not immediately doing what she asks you to do.

10. A man who takes care of himself – Traits Women like.

You don’t need to have a fashion model look, but you can take care of yourself by looking nice.
Means smelling good, working out, and taking care of your body and appearance the same way she does.

This will also increase your confidence and make you feel important by treating yourself nicely.
Some ideas are here:

  • invest in a good haircut ($ 75-100, not $ 15)
  • splurge on designer shoes (my favorite is Ferragamo’s)
  • belt (favorite for casual is Burberry’s)
  • jeans (think tight fit instead of baggy
  • my favorite pairs of trousers are some crazy ones you can only get in Tokyo
  • have a cool sports car
  • use quality cosmetic products (colognes, after-shave, facial products like SPFs and moisturizers)
  • get a nice looking premium watch (my favorites are Breitling)
  • fly first class (my recent favorite!)


– 10 Traits Quality Women like

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