Why Is It Called A Magic 8 Ball?

Why Is It Called A Magic 8 Ball?

For those who have never known about a Magic 8 Ball, this toy seems to be an oversized 8 ball from pool with the flat and clear area on the bottom. In fact, this ball is an object full of mystery.

The Magic 8 Ball is known as a popular novelty Fortune Teller. It is likely to give users more inspiration, rather than sharing its cautious dread. Bringing up this special ball, and there are always a few adults who can tell us that it spooked them in their childhood or it gave them some useful advice.

A Brief And Insightful History Of The Magic 8 Ball

Though being presently manufactured and trademarked by Mattel Toys, this ball was invented in 1946 by Abe Bookman. However, it seems that a guy known as Albert Carter was a person who assigned the patent rights to Bookman.

Why Is It Called A Magic 8 Ball?

The idea to this toy which became the Magic 8 Ball later started with Albert Carter’s mom – Mary – who was the local Fortune Teller and Psychic in Cincinnati. She created a tool named Psycho-Slate which utilized the chalkboard in the enclosed box. Once she asked it a query and closed the lid, a message would be written on this chalkboard after a couple of minutes.

Inspired by this instrument, Albert Carter made the Syco-Seer known as “Miracle Home Fortune Teller” In fact, it was not a ball. Instead, it was the cylinder. Afterwards, Carter did not hesitate to take the Syco-Seer to Max Levinson – a Cincinnati store owner who loved this product a lot, and he wished to produce many of them. Levinson asked Abe Bookman – his brother-in-law to find a method of effectively making the novelty.

After that, in 1946, Albert Carter and Abe Bookman co-formed the Alabe Crafts Company to launch the device. In 1948, Carter died, before the patent was assigned, Bookman forged ahead by his effort. He sought for some ways to make the Syco-Seer less expensive and tried with the smaller version. However, it was not as successful as he expected.

At the same time, Bookman placed the cylinder inside the ball to simulate the Fortune Telling Crystal Ball, but this version was not smooth either. Nevertheless, it really got the much attention from another company fond of making magical balls – Brunswick Billiards.

Brunswick Billiards hired Alabe Crafts to create several of its fortune telling balls as the part of promotional campaign in 1950. Alabe replied with encasing its cylinder into the oversize 8 ball. Of course, the Magic 8 Ball was born with special attraction and pleasure.

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