What Do Women Want? 3 Killer Traits That Will Make Her Beg For Your Affections

What Do Women Want? 3 Killer Traits That Will Make Her Beg For Your Affections

When faced with the choice of dating one of the many men in the room, women qualify men according to their personal standards.These standards vary from woman to woman, but three traits will come up consistently in women’s lists of what they look for in men: fun, exciting and sexy. 

The only problem is the way men interpret and project these traits. Some try too hard and end up looking like a James Dean wanna-be. Some come across as fake because they don’t show body language that is congruent with their words.

You can keep saying you’re confident, but if she notices your hands shaking and your face pale with anxiety, you’re busted, man. There are ways to show these three characteristics without looking like a trying-hard copycat…

What Do Women Want? 3 Killer Traits That Will Make Her Beg For Your Affections

Trait #1. Be fun by being funny. Humor is the aphrodisiac that turns women on anywhere. If you can take yourself lightly and dish out jokes with pizazz, you’re one step closer to making women swoon with affection for you in just a few minutes.

Notice how the ladies’ men do it. They’re always surrounded with smiling women eating out of their hands. Cracking jokes makes you more appealing to women instantly.

Trait #2. Be sexy by being a source of pleasure. One ‘killer’ trait that women interpret as ‘sexy’ is charisma. You can be charming to women by being a source of pleasure. In simple terms, make the woman feel good about herself by being open about your attraction.

Look at her directly and tell her that her eyes keep mesmerizing you; and that you can’t keep your eyes off hers whenever she looks your way. Say this in a matter-of-fact manner so that you don’t sound needy or desperate. Making your desire evident is sexy.

Trait #3. Excite her Emotional Sensors Using Hypnosis. If you’ve made her laugh with you, and you’ve made sure she understands that you want her, the next step is to get her emotional sensors buzzing like crazy.

You can do this easily using hypnosis tactics like fractionation. This technique involves making her go through a roller coaster of emotions while you’re talking. Fractionation will easily make her feel emotionally attached to you in no time. She finds herself clinging to you for emotional support and wanting you to assure her that you won’t leave her alone.

This is the real deal, man. If you can get a woman emotionally involved with you, you’re one step closer to turning her into your girlfriend.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning…

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