Tarot Reading With Playing Cards Meanings

Tarot Reading With Playing Cards Meanings

Not have any available deck of Tarot cards? It is time to apply a regular pack of the playing cards as Tarot reading! Believe it or not, the use of the playing cards for divinatory purpose has been around for centuries started by the Gypsies. Different spreads will show various meanings and interpretations! Want to know more? This article will lend us a hand!

How To Read Tarot With Playing Cards?

Firstly, try to meditate before we carry out any reading. Why? This will empty our clouded mind, and then ensure that our divine process will be clear and accurate. Lay the cards out in the way we wish, and then start to “read” them. In other words, we will interpret the cards’ meanings based on their placement in the spread. Of course, this may be a bit tricky, especially when we are performing a reading for ourselves, and don’t have the open mind to their significances.

Secondly, identify the playing cards’ meanings as Tarot readings. To further support in making use of the playing cards for Tarot reading, the following is a quick glance at the suits:

What Is Their Usage?

  • Hearts (relating to the Cups in a regular Tarot deck): often deal with love, matters of the heart and emotions. Try to be mindful of friendships, marriages, heart-based passions and romance with these playing cards.
  • Diamonds (relating to the Pentacles in a regular Tarot deck): tend to reveal some issues about money, business matters, security and worldly possessions. It is time to be aware of the foundational concepts such as stability, jobs, materialistic views and financial security with these playing cards.
  • How To Read Tarot With Playing Cards?
  • Clubs (relating to the Wands in a regular Tarot deck): talk to us about communication, transactions, community development, an exchange of ideas and spiritual progression. Whenever there is the predominance of these cards, it has a tendency to denote the necessity for expression and new deals in the social realms. Obviously, creativity and higher communication will be the main key.
  • Spades (relating to the Swords in a regular Tarot deck): often indicate the conflicting thoughts. Specially, there will be the certain contrasts between what a person is thinking, and what he is truly doing or how he is behaving. As the humans, we may sometimes think more differently than we do and behave. Naturally, the suit of Spades can symbolize the quarrelsome energy. As a result, don’t hesitate to apply these cards to point out some solutions in areas of mental focus, analysis, strategy and concentration.


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