Relationships With Women In School

Relationships With Women In School

Most groups of people are consisting of one gender which the groups of boys are all boys, and the groups of girls are all girls. But there’s one question that we might ask, that why don’t we combine both boys and girls in one group of friends? It’s like we are being discouraged by our parents that an individual with a different gender cannot enter the group because it might happen to have difference that something weird was going on if we put too much pressure on the individuals with a different gender like if you’re a woman, and you have a friend who is a man, they might actually have doubts with both of you, that it might have a chance that both of you will be couples? No it’s not! There is nothing wrong if we have friends with a different gender because we are all created by God, and there would be no problem, if we just stick in a friendly environment.

If you are a man and you are tired of only male friends and you want to have female friends, it’s a good start. The first thing that a man must face the fear that he will be involved with women is that a man is shy when approaching a woman. Why they are shy? Men are shy to the women because they are attracted to the women’s physical appearance, beauty and attitude, especially if you are involved with the group of women. One strategy to gain relationship with a woman or a group of women is to be gentle to them. When you’re in school, and you have women in the classroom, especially when both of you are seatmates, try to ask her something that might interest her, and could attract with you, and she might answer to your question and don’t forget to thank her, if the answer she gave to you is right, and that could be your chance that you can introduce yourself to her, and she do the same with you, and finally, you gain a good relationship with her, shake hands with one another as a sign of a good start in making friends with a woman. If she will introduce you to her group of friends which are girls, you must not walk away or be shy, you must be a gentleman like treating them as normal individuals and a chance that you can introduce yourself to them and they will do the same also, and finally, you have many female friends, and you’re good to go. And don’t forget to introduce your male friends to her female friends, which is the potential key that a male group and a female group might combine as one group and the objective was accomplished. Don’t just stick to one gender group, but form a huge group of two genders.


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