How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller?

Lots of the children around the world are very interested in making Paper Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher – a funny origami – on their own. In fact, they make them with riddles on the inside, “future career” inquiries or “boyfriends” queries. It seems that every time they make one, they will come up with anything different to write on them!

Yearn to get the tutorials of making one? This article will give us hand! Don’t hesitate to teach our beloved kids to do one for relaxation purpose.

Simple Ways To Make A Cootie Catcher Step By Step

How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller?

Necessary Materials

A Square of Paper
A Pencil or Pen


  • Fold paper from corner to corner to make a triangle.
  • Continue folding this triangle from corner to corner to make a smaller triangle.
  • Open this piece of paper and we will have a square of paper with the X crease.
  • Fold one corner to intersection where the X crosses.
  • Repeat with the 3 remained corners, and we will end up with the smaller square.
  • Flip our paper over.
  • After that, continue folding each corner to the center of the square where the crosses are and we will surely end up with the even smaller square.
  • It is time to fold and unfold the bottom edge of this square up to the top.
  • Similarly, fold and unfold the left edge of this square to the right.
  • See! The creases will be equally divided.
  • Push the 4 corners of the square in the center together, and then slide our fingers into the flaps of our Paper Fortune Teller, creasing the fold back; thus, our fingers will fit nicely. Obviously, we are totally able to move the flaps with our 4 fingers easily.

How to play it?

How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller?

Next, don’t forget to thoroughly print four things on the outside flaps – the standard will be blue, green, yellow and red. Print eight things on the inside flaps – the standard will be the number 1 to 8. Finally, print four things underneath inside flaps – the standard will be fortunes like

  • You shall be famous
  • You shall be rich
  • You shall be blissful
  • You shall fall in love with someone

Color in some of the sections we like or add the stickers as our favorites. It is up to us. Now, invite our children and play this toy with them. Different tastes are waiting for our discovery!

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