How To Make A Fortune Teller

How To Make Fortune Teller

You can be pretty sure that there are several people who have tried out this practice of making a fortune teller at some certain points of time without knowing, and this is also known as the sleepover favorite for some of us. How to make a basic fortune teller for your kids? She will love it and can’t get more excited about making it on her own, so let’s get your closer look at how possible it is to craft it in a simple way. It’ll be your free choice to choose between the questions relating to the relationships or future jobs. When you’ve finally known how to make it, it’s sure that you will come up with various things or riddles to write on this fortune teller.

What you may need for the crafting plan here? All you should have at hand are a square piece of paper for the best rectangle of paper to be produced (its size can be typically 8.5 x 11 sheet), and one pen/pencil.

  • First, you’re asked to get the square paper folded right from corner to corner in order to create a triangle.
  • Second, it’s necessary to get the coming triangle-shaped paper folded from corner to corner again, but this time a smaller triangle should be made then.
  • Third, try to get everything unfolded, and as a result of it, you can possible make up a square of paper with one X-shaped crease.
  • Fourth, get one certain corner towards the center of the entire square folded at the place where the X-shaped crease crosses.
  • Fifth, do the same thing with three remaining corners repeatedly.
  • Sixth, this is when you need to end up with another tinier square paper.
  • Seventh, just get the whole paper flipped over.
  • Eighth, you’re required to get the corner towards the square paper’s center folded where the X crease crosses.
  • Ninth, try to repeat your moves with the other three remaining corners, and things will end up with a tinier square.
  • Tenth, get the bottom edge of the rectangle paper unfolded up to the top.
  • Eleventh, get the edge of the entire square paper on the left unfolded over to the right side.
  • Last, just push all 4 corners of the rectangle paper altogether into the center and let your all 4 fingers slide into the fortune teller’s flaps, and try to crease the folds back.
How To Make Fortune Teller

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