Be More Attractive to Women – The 7 Personality Traits That Naturally Attract Women

Be More Attractive to Women – The 7 Personality Traits That Naturally Attract Women

Physical attraction is an evolutionarily hardwired emotion. women are not nearly as superficial as us men when it comes to physical appearance. Women do NOT consciously choose what type of man they are sexually attracted to…even though they may tell you otherwise.

Your physical appearance only counts for 20% to 30% of your attractiveness level to women. When it comes to being more attractive to women, your personality is your greatest asset and it’s something all of us can take steps on improving today.

The following is a list of personality traits that will help you be more attractive to women:

Learn To Be Funny:  Women love men who can make them laugh.  But don’t overdo it.  Some guys tend to hide their insecurities by trying too hard to entertain and they end up looking like a clown. 

Be a Leader:  Most women don’t want to take the lead, so it’s best that you learn how.  Like anything in life, the more you do something, the better you get at it.  Learning to lead is no different.

Ambitious:  Everyone should have a passion for something.  Not only does it give you so much more meaning to your life, but it also happens to be one of the most important qualities a girl looks for in a potential partner.

Aggressive:  Women are also attracted to men who are aggressive.  This means men who know what they want in life and aren’t afraid to GO FOR IT! 

Fun and Happy:  Women want to feel good when they around their man.  The men who are the most successful with women are enthusiastic, fun and happy. 

The Intelligent, Educated Type:  Some women tend to be more attracted to intelligent and educated men.  Be careful with this one.  Don’t be nerdy by trying to prove your intelligence by talking about dry economic theories or overly deep philosophical nonsense.  That is, unless you know how to make these interesting for the WOMAN.  Women like intelligence but they don’t want a boring know-it-all. 

Adventurous:  Men who take chances and try new things are very sexy to women.  Women are attracted to men who do unusual, even somewhat dangerous things. 

Remember, you don’t need to change yourself completely to be more attractive. There are many personality traits that attract women but all of these traits have one thing in common: confidence.  Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and incorporate these personality traits in your OWN STYLE. By developing your OWN game, you will be on your path to becoming a “natural” player, the guy who naturally gets women without “magic tricks” or “memorized routines”.

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